Thursday, June 7, 2007

Re-Cycle Part 4

I've been trying to get either B to answer me on whether we're going to have enough people for a a fast and slow group. I finally hear back on Friday night that we won't. SS goes on her normal solo morning ride and EVH cancels out due to work issues.

Then I hear that everyone but Diana and I have canceled. Strictly for the hard core! Only for the head-strong! Are you ready?!

Here's the map of the ride:

Ride w/Diana: Tustin - Back Bay (extended)
Distance: 31.2 miles
Elapsed Time: 2h
Pace: 3m 45sec per mile
Avg. Speed: 16 mi/h
Max Speed: 35 mph
Calories: 1685

Diana prefers to take surface streets to the trail, so we take Culver south, west on Walnut, and south again on Harvard. At Barranca Parkway, we get on the trail and head towards the back-bay.

Cadence vs. Time:

You can see that for the first half of the ride, I was a lot better about maintaining my cadence, running in the 95 rotations per minute range. The latter half of the ride sees me dropping off a lot more, doing a lot more coasting.

Cadence vs. Heart Rate:

You can see the peak where we rode the hill, and I hit 170+ beats per minute. There's a period later on where I sustain 160-165 for a period of time. That's a long flat section along UCI which Diana likes to really push. We're easily over 20 mph, and tickle 30 at a certain point (probably an underpass). Ouch.

Oh, and we take the street route to see the west side of the back-bay. No trip to Kean Coffee; Maybe next time, but Diana seems too serious a rider to want to take an hour off to people-watch. This route is a few miles longer, but that's ok, we're at about 28 as we approach the turn-off point from the trail when Diana asks if I want to extend the ride.

"Oh, come on, it's only 3 more miles or so at a slight uphill."
"Oh, ok."

So we did it.

Because we're awesome!

After the turnaround point for the extra three miles, we headed back to the staging point on surface streets. At a light, I saw a guy jump out of a truck and fiddle with a BBQ in the back. Realized it was Brock and Jerry heading to the Atomic Ballroom Baby Bop, so i shouted a hello. Don't know if Brock recognized me, but I think he did.

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