Thursday, June 21, 2007

Too Much Dancing? Part 6


Atomic Ballroom Classes:
Bal/Shag - Jerry
Bit late, but we get through enough of it to get to get to the crazy spike-out section.

Lindy Styling - Jenny
Crazy, not-applicable to social dancing class, but I still loved it! Slip-slops, Jenny? Really?! :-)

Charleston Variations - Darren
Partner Charleston variations. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

Social dancing waaay too late.


9am - Meet at Atomic for a couple quick run-throughs. I get paired with Amanda, who's just awesome. I drive up to Beverly Hills with Mark and Michelle in tow to take an aerobics class from Richard Simmons at his studio, Slimmons. Surprised at how much fun it was! After the class we performed Jeep Jockey Jump (participated), See-Saw (don't know it, yet), and taught a class for everyone on The Madison. Such a blast! Should have looked up the venue ahead of time and invited S.L. to at least watch. Whoops.

Team caravaned to Dinah's Family Restaurant, for lunch. Eli, Liz, and I split two courses: Spanish omelette, and a large apple pancake. I honestly could have stopped after a third of the omelette, potatoes, and toast, but had to partake in the apple pancake, which was more dessert or tart than pancake. Yummy, and highly recommended. Good way to order, too as the omelette was quick, but the pancake took 20 minutes (according to the menu).

Back to rally at Atomic. We're performing again this evening at a youth ballet recital. Michelle didn't plan on going, so she takes off. I take Mark to get his shoes from home, and we meet with the group at Milikan High School in Long Beach. Really nice performance hall, cool stage, cool lighting, etc. Hopefully we get a good performance video out of it. We run through, decide on entrances and lighting, then wait for the performance time. I didn't realize it would be so late, and that I'd have to miss Catbonny's party. Oops. Also, this is really close to S.S.'s place. I should have invited her and Mr. S.S. to come watch. Oops again.

Lots of down-time. Krystina lets it drop that she wasn't told about Richard Simmons and showed up at the normal practice time. Wow, that sucks. Bill is frantically pacing around and nervous (I don't think he has the See-Saw choreography down yet). I try not to let it be contagious. We even try to reassure him that he didn't stick out during the rehearsal run-through, but he thinks we're poking fun at him. We eventually move the waiting outside, where it's nice and mild (what a beautiful day!). We goof with each other, and Steven manages to chase away all the gals who sit with us with his joes. MILF humor, Steven?! In front of women?! Really?! No Steven, I don't want to sleep with all the mothers of the ballet dancers, and I don't want to completely close the door on dating someone on the team by sitting in on a MILF joke!

Finally the recital starts, and we're up 10 minutes in. NOW, I'm nervous! Performance goes very well, but we get nothing back from the audience during the run. Used to getting some clapping going during the A and B split of the team, but this time, no. Jenny confirms this and someone else points out that they probably don't know that it's ok, since all the other acts are ballet, where it certainly isn't ok. Good point.

Hurry up and wait some more. Head up to watch See-Saw, and clap from the wings. Do I detect some audience clapping this time around?! Jenny and Will's aerials are breathtaking.

Proposed 3rd performance of the day in front of the ballroom social dancers is canceled due to lack of participants able to make it (3 couples for Jeep Jockey Jump and only two couples for See-Saw). Some other time.

And thus ends a very long day. Coming soon (if Crecia Krysia's to be believed), my picture with Richard Simmons.

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