Monday, December 31, 2007

Year In Review

So. 365 days of blogging. Who knew that would happen? So, time for meta-introspection.

The blog itself changed over time. Wrote at first about working out a lot. My knee injury which still aches at times (last Saturday during swing team aerials practice, for example). iTunes (oops, back up to 900 unranked music tracks...). Spirituality. And my relationship with a disappearing female friend.

I went through some journeys. Dated a friend of Friends. Got over Awkward girl. Got exposed to swing dancing and went completely overboard with it.

Ah screw this. Let's just look at the resolutions:

  • continue to live healthy
    Doing very well. Knocking on the door of breaking out of the "Clydesdale" label.

  • live my life with more thought about spirituality
    Meh. Been in and out of Quaker Meeting, been an infrequent visitor at the non-Institute class that the Remys invited me to. Meh.

  • compete in a sprint triathlon
    Knee injury cured me of all running aspirations.

  • complete a "Century" ride (100 miles)
    I rock! My first Century was a Cool Breeze

  • take more pictures each week
    Not so much. And not so important-seeming.

  • update this blog with consistency
    Hey, not a bad job. I don't think I've let it go quite for more than 10 days at a time or so. And almost 400 posts in the year? Good for me!

  • increase my social circle
    Definitely did this. Through the Remys to parts of their social network, to swing dancing, swing teams (where I'd like to congratulate myself on being a social catalyst).

  • contribute positively to the communities I belong to
    Not so much with the Quakers. Bit more with the dancers.

  • take a vacation that requires an overnight stay
    Not so much.

  • take positive steps towards finishing my degree
    Kind of. I took a math class last spring, but haven't followed up.

  • write 5 minutes of stand-up comedy
    Not so much. And don't care so much.

And from August:

  • Go On Casual Dates
    I did do this more in the latter part of the year, going on dates with, uh, three different women. And one of those has sprouted into a full-blown relationship. So I fell short of dating five different women, but that was an arbitrary goal compared to real-life.

  • Be More Organized
    Not so much.

  • Cycle
    Yeah, not in the latter half of the year. Darn.

Tomorrow, another year, another set of resolutions.

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  1. Thanks, John, for your social energy...I for one, have appreciated your efforts! And even though I find blogging a little strange, I do enjoy reading yours... and will never forget the JC Penny catalog :)