Sunday, January 4, 2009

We're Going on a Cruise!

Don't quite remember how I got talked into going on this seven day swing dancing cruise, but here I am, and glad of it.

Friday night was a bit frantic, I staged some packing in the morning, worked during the day, then packed in earnest during the evening.  Dropped by my mother's place for lucky new year's noodles, then went to do some last minute shopping at Target (more cargo shorts) and Kohls (open 'til midnight tonight?!  Phew!  Sport coat for the formal dinner and some camp shirts).

Dropped by Atomic to dance for about 90 minutes (goodbye Atomic peeps, I'll miss you for a week!), then headed home for an all-nighter of list making and packing.  And still managed to forget to pack a swim suit.  Oh well.

Rode with Mareike and Nancy to LAX, checked in with the group, made security (easily and quickly), waited, boarded, and flew to Houston almost painlessly.  Well, I did pack everything into two bags which I carried on.  That's hurting a tiny bit.  Jean Veloz is really pretty, by the way.

We ended up being too hungry to wait for the 5pm dinner, we went to eat almost immediately.  My thing was to find a place which had good Gulf seafood (eat local!) and we ended up at Fish Tails.  I had a decent fried shrimp sandwich, but nothing spectacular.  The Blue Bell ice cream was nice, though.

We were originally booked in the Holiday Inn, but due to overbooking, were upgraded to the San Luis Resort and Spa next door.  Very nice.  Amber and Jofflyn were nice enough to let me crash in their room, which was on the penthouse level (hellooo instructor upgrade!).  There was a welcome dance at the B. Jigger bar at the Holiday Inn (which I told Amber smelled faintly of smoke and vaguely of failure).  Unfortunately the floor was tiny and sticky.  I did get in some good dances early on though.  First dance was with Rusty Frank, who I don't think I'd ever met before (Danceathon?  Seen briefly, but not met).  Also met a blizard of new faces and familiar ones.  The Swiss (?) instructors were very cool, as was Jerry Jordan's old business partner.  Figured out that the actually allow smoking right in the bar, which was making me feel ill.  Partially due to sleep deprivation?  Sure, I'll go along with that. Had to actually leave some clothes outside for a few hours to rid them of the smoke smell.

Quick grocery store trip for water, bug repellant, and sunscreen (don't forget the sunscreen).  Back to the hotel for snacking and sleeping. 

And now, up early for breakfast and blogging.  Embarkation in 4 hours!!!