Saturday, February 2, 2008

SSC 16

Short Shameful Confession:

While scrubbing my shower, I seriously debated whether or not to clean my "curtain" or spend $2 on a new one.


  1. Why not by a new one? I guess you've just added more none bio-degradeable plastic in the biosphere (petrosphere)... but hey. You haven't added harsh cleaning chemicals down the drain either!

  2. You know that you can wash your shower curtain in a washing machine on hot water with a bit of laundry soap, right? It gets the mildew and water spots right off without scrubbing. And no nasty chemicals.

    Just don't put it in the dryer.

  3. Well, I was already cleaning up the shower/tub and the curtain was right there, and the chemicals were already going down the drain...

    But I still thought about it.

    Of course there's the cheap bastard effect too.

  4. Washing machine?! I didn't know that. Mine's a clear vinyl/plastic, though...

  5. exactly--you can put a vinyl/plastic shower curtain straight into the washer. I've washed curtains like this every few months for years with no problems.