Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dancing Notes

Post private lesson notes from Jofflyn and Amber:

  • Look towards my partner, not down at her.
    I have a tendency to roll my shoulders forward into the minutest slouch, and looking down into my partner's eyes feeds that bad habit.
  • Complete the thought of the lead.
    I have a tendency to not return to a fully squared off position.  Or "in the slot."  "On the diving board."
  • I don't have to rock-step on 1-2.
    Especially in two closed to closed circles in a row, why break up the flow of the circle with a rock-step?
    Anything else
  • Use entire right hand on follow's back for connection.
    I'm spreading my fingers, but hyper-extending them so that only my palm is making contact.
  • Watch the rhythm of my free spins.
    Tending to put enough energy for multiple spins but not following through (enough for three but only doing two).
    The energy in the spins needs to match the rhythm that I want out of the spin.
  • If I mean to travel in a straight line, make sure I move in a straight line.
    Tuck-turn example:  be firm enough in the lead to keep the follow going in the intended direction of the TT.
  • Step out of my box on a break.
    I always do the same rhythm steps or jockeys.  Drag back.  Walk back.  Do something different.
  • Establish my rhythm early
    I'm taking this to mean choosing which part of the music to dance to early, and sticking with it.
    I'll have to ask about instrumental solos and such.
  • Widen my base.
    I'm not keeping my feet at shoulder width apart and my balance suffers as a result.
  • Consistent energy from swing-out to swing-out
    Doing bouncy footwork variations then switching back to vanilla swing-outs is visually jarring.

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