Saturday, June 20, 2009

Google Voice

Caltech buddy, DB asked if anyone was interested in a Google Voice invite.  I responded "hell yeah!"  A couple months later, the invite has been processed and they let me in.

Oh my god.  I got bogged down in choosing a phone number.  Pop-up asked me to search by area code or word or both.

Wait, word?

Yes, like, 1800-dentist or whatever thing companies use to help people remember their numbers.

is there a "john" in 714?  Yes!  714-xxx-JOHN!  And it's an orange-county originating exchange, so that's good.

Hmmm... how about ...
714-988-DICK (Brea!)

But in a moment of bad taste, I settled on 714-69-WHITE.

Sorry mom.

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