Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Days With The Nexus One

I'm frugal.  My old phone, the T-Mobile branded G1 worked ... OK, though it was starting to need frequent charges.  The G1 was the first generation Android operating system phone available domestically (Android is the free phone OS that Google is developing).  The G1 got me to love the Android platform.  Everything is in active development.  At first, I had Google Maps, but after a year I had Google Maps with turn-by-turn Navigation.

And then Google partnered with HTC to create their own branded phone, the Nexus One.  The screen is bigger, brighter, and had multi-touch gestures.  The camera is better and includes and includes an LED flash.  There's better integration with social networking sites.  The battery management is better.  The cradle turns it into a kick-ass alarm clock.

I caved.  10 days later, there's no thought of returning it.  Well, the lack of physical keyboard is a slight downside, but the virtual keyboard is much better than the G1's virtual keyboard.  It's useable.  And I'm experimenting with Swype, which is ... magical.

I have the ability to swap batteries and upgrade the internal flash memory, theoretically giving me the ability to carry 70% of my audio collection.  I haven't done this... yet.

Any way.  It's awesome.  If you want to know whether I think you should buy it, I do.  You should.

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