Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Violent Love

Been fatigued during social dancing recently. Sucks.

While taking a long break, had this conversation:

Me: Is this song familiar to anyone?

J: It's Indigo Swing covering a ... punk band, I think.

[Note: They were covering Oingo Boingo's Violent Love]

Me: I've danced to this song a dozen times and never noticed the lyrics.

D: I want to make violent love to you...

Me: Er, thanks. I'm flattered. But, I'm actually seeing someone right now...

D: I was saying the lyrics!

Me: Sure, sure. But it would be explosive.

D: I was saying the lyrics!

Me: That's fine.

D: Wait, violent?

Me: Maybe not violent. But explosive.

D: This conversation is making me uncomfortable.

Me: You and me both. Why'd you bring it up again?

D: [slowly winks] [1]


She has been shaking her butt at me a lot recently. [2]

[1] That part didn't actually happen. But what did happen was:

D: I have a confession. I say shocking things to you sometimes to see if they show up in your blog.

Be careful what you wish for.

[2] That part actually happened.


  1. 1. I only shake my butt at you because I'm feeling extra sassy, and you always react hilariously.

    2. I don't really want to make violent love to you. Sorry.

    3. I sat here for a good 2 minutes trying to remember if I actually winked at you. Then I finished reading your post.

    4. AWESOME.

  2. D:

    1) Why is it that you always seem to be feeling extra sassy?!

    2) Don't feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for you.

    3) Ha, ha!

    4) You and me both.