Friday, July 10, 2009


John Remy asks:
How did I get through the last decade and a half w/o listening to NIN (well, beyond Closer)? There are times when Hurt could be my anthem...

Good question. Nine Inch Nails's Pretty Hate Machine was one of my angst soundtracks in high school (girls) and some of college (general stress and hate).

Aforementioned Hurt (NIN Live performance):

There are some notable covers, namely Johnn's Cash's Hurt:

Oh, and Sad Kermit's cover of Johnny's Cash's cover of Hurt:

From the album Broken, which came out when I was in college, NIN Wish:

(by the way, a comment had this right, the dead silence at 0:42 is amaaaazing).

From Pretty Hate Machine, Head Like a Hole:

Down In It:

Something I Can Never Have:

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  1. I saw the tour for the "With Teeth" album 3 times. It was simply amazing.