Monday, July 20, 2009


Jofflyn's been dragging us (ok, I go willingly) to Little Tokyo's Orochon for spicy miso ramen,  And I've yet to get this particular group to Santouka in the Mitsuwa market for shio (salt broth) ramen.

That's ok.  Shotgunned invites out for late Sunday afternoon, got a hit, and had the special #9 with an egg.  That's a large bowl of shio ramen with the black pork belly and vegetables served on the side (self-assembly).  Amaaaazing!  Props to John Remy for turning me on to the special.  The regular pork is delicious, but the black pork...  Game over.   Melt-in-your-mouth soft.  Indescribably complex flavor.  Wow.

And the broth...  The broth...  Oh god.  At Orochan, the broth is tasty but the noodles are featured.  At Santaouka, I make sure to finish the broth at the expense of the noodles, if necessary.

I kept texting Joff to make him feel bad for canceling out:
I want to bathe in the Santouka broth!

And later:
I want to sleep in a waterbed filled with the Santouka broth!

And later:
Instead of cleaning my apartment I'll pour broth on everything!

I want to wash my car with shio broth!
Computer acting up?  Have you tried pouring shio broth on it?
Achy shoulder?  Shio broth!
Household plants looking a little wilted?  Shio broth!

True statements.  True story.

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  1. Oh man that sounds good. Now I need to find a place in the northern VA area that serves the stuff.