Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Conversation In Which

.... I don't get the best lines.

Exterior. Irvine, California. Outside of Atomic Ballroom. S and I are part of a group cooling down and taking a break from late-night dancing. C & D exit Atomic and head towards the parking lot and C's new car.

C&D: [as they pass the group] Good night everyone!
Group: Good night!
S: [after a pause] Have fun in the car! [not quite under her breath] Driving, I mean.
Me: What?! [breaks into laughter]
S: Oh no! Internal dialog! Internal!
Me: This is totally going in my blog..
S: What?! Why do I show up in your blog again?
D: He writes about me too! [pouts] Though not recently. Do I have to shake my butt again? [shakes her butt] You missed it.
Me: [muttering] Oh no I didn't.

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