Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Fun Conversations

D [to C]: Hey! Muffin and cupcake. Muffin and cupcake.
Me: New rule, guys. Don't use pet names during swing team practice.
D: Those aren't pet names. It's an inside joke.
Me: Guess what, they'll be pet names whenever I tell this story on my blog!
D: What?!
Me: Yeah. I just need to decide who's cupcake and who's muffin.
D: Someone called us muffins, so we decided that as a couple we were like muffins (just sweet enough), and not like cupcakes (so sweet they make your stomach hurt). So some couples are muffins and some are cupcakes.
Me: Keep telling yourself that, cupcake.
Cupcake: Hey!!!!


Me: I think I might be a muffin while P is a cupcake.
D: I think all girls are closet cupcakes. But together, you're pretty muffin-ish.
Me: Try telling Kate that.
D: What do you mean.
Me: Every time we see her, we fake-tongue kiss with big sloppy tongues wagging in the air.
D: That's disgusting.
Me: That what Kate says!

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  1. It's odd seeing my conversations publicized, but I could get used to it. I think I'm turning into an attention h0.