Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Put On Those White Shoes

I finally broke down and gave up on my fantasy of owning Vivo Barefoot shoes any time soon (the Terra Plana web site has almost all varieties out of stock), and went searching for shoes in earnest. Normally, I'd just go buy a pair of New Balance's again, as they have the width I need. But I saw somewhere these cool shell enclosures on a pair of throwback shoes, but I couldn't place the brand or the occasion.

Looked around on-line and finally found out I was looking at the old Adidas shell-toe from the Superstar line. So I started looking around for them, and failed to find a store that had them in my size. Even the Adidas store at the Spectrum! Bleh.

See the flat sole? The shell toe?

Then, I realized the other day that I saw them on Jofflyn Valencia (who says he wears them when he swing dances). Damn! Now I'm just a guy who copies. And I'm 100% sure now that he's the one I saw them on originally. Well, Charles too. Great, now we'll be shoe buddies.

Well, I found them in my size today. Needs a bit of stretching out. I might dance in them.

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