Monday, April 2, 2007

Bachelor Rules #1

I think there are some unspoken rules about life as a bachelor. Some guys never have the good fortune of being taught, which I hope to rectify in a new series of posts (that I'll post whenever I happen to think of a new rule).

Rule 1: No Shopping Carts

When you go grocery shopping for yourself, you can't use a shopping cart. This isn't always convenient. It isn't always pretty. But it's the rule.


  • Party Supplies

  • Beer
    Yes, just beer. No, not wine. Unless it's for a party. See the first exception.

  • Girlfriend
    If you're shopping with your girlfriend, a cart is almost mandatory.
    If you're shopping for your girlfriend, it's optional. And a quick tip, if you're still embarrassed to buy sanitary supplies for your girlfriend, simply putting them in a cart reduces the embarrassment factor by two orders of magnitude. Even if it's the only thing you're buying. Really. Oops, except when you're at Costco and all they sell are 100-packs.

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