Thursday, April 19, 2007

Punch In the Gut

Cancer topic warning

I ... can't think of a good joke to go with this photo essay. Are there any good cancer jokes floating out there?

For some reason, I couldn't explain, I couldn't turn away, despite the tears in my eyes. Then I remembered my Tokyo Granny's death from cancer in 1985. Though the story of this family was touching, my tears were for my family's pain, not theirs. So strange that her passing and that of my paternal grandfather have affected me in such different ways. Well, our relationships were so different.

I mean, I still don't know what to feel about my grandfather, who died just over a month ago, and a I just shed tears over my Granny who died almost 12 22[1] years ago.

[1] EDIT 200706014 22, not 12 years. I might rule the Maths, but not the Arithmetics.

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