Friday, April 27, 2007

Classes and George Gee

Last night I was able to have SS and my mother join me for introductory lessons in swing dance at the Atomic Ballroom. They offered three classes, one immediately after the other: Balboa, Lindy Hop, and East Coast Swing Variations. I'll have to work my memory on the choreography for each. I think both SS and my mother seemed to be having fun. It was interesting to me to see them going through that beginner phase of not being comfortable with basic steps, yet being pushed to do more and go farther. In retrospect, the only way to learn to do it is repetition. And I'm still learning.

Special Thursday night swing dance with George Gee and the Jump Jivin' Wailers, probably the top swing band in the US right now. This was their first west coast tour in over three years, so I was excited to see them, despite my general lack of knowledge of swing music and bands. They didn't disappoint, doing some high energy sets. It was really cool, though I had to leave early (11:40-ish) to crash out.


Balboa class:
Balboa Basic
Falling Onto The Log (Kick-step, cross, step)
Jig Kicks (Rock-Step, Kick-step, kick-step, kick-step)

Lindy Hop class:
East-Coast Basic
Bal Swing Out
Swing Out

East Coast Swing Variations class:
East-Coast Basic
Inside Turn
Tuck-Turn from open
Pop Turn

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  1. it was our pleasure to swing for our friends at The Atomic Ballroom!