Thursday, August 2, 2007

Spin Crash


Went to spin class about 20 minutes before the start. All the spots were taken. Yikes. I waited around for no-shows, and talked to MikeMan on the Versa-climber. I haven't seen him since his sis was in town back around January. There were enough no shows that I got a spot. The instructor, Courtney, leads a 6:30 S.E.T. class, so the 7:30 spin class usually starts at 7:40. Which gives me time to set up.

I guess this is the Monday night class that Grace, Diana, et al take. But no Lem. Where is that guy? Super-intense class, and I'm so competitive, stand-up running, etc. Lost my Garmin heart-rate monitor strap, so no recording.

Ran to the store afterwards to make sure I had some protein powder. Need to make sure I'm getting enough protein in to get over the soreness. Weird to worry about something like that.


Lifted with the Zurn, then hung out, waiting for the spin class. Got on the bike in Liz's class, then found out I hadn't brought it. Brought what? Brought the energy. Here's the graph of my heart-rate (new strap came in the mail):

Couldn't even get above 150 bpm, crashed about 20 minutes in, tried to get up five minutes later, then realized I hadn't brought it. Just survived for the rest of the class. Well, you can see I tried to ramp up a bit at 45 minutes in, but pretty weak, 144 bpm. It was literally all I could do. I think I was doing stand-up, medium-low resistance, and medium-low cadence. Compare to a good class.

Note to self: plan ahead and eat oatmeal before Wednesday workouts. Well, it might have just been the residual of the long weekend (including climbing with the Falcon on Saturday) plus spin on Monday. Nah, nutrition had to have been a big part of it. In fact, the same thing happened to me during dancing last Thursday.

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