Monday, December 17, 2007

Hitler, Hitting, and the Sun

I didn't write it, but I was pointed to this article because of my recent Ouch episode.

The biggest women/fascism link is a woman’s reliance on violence. Women will be the first to hit during any kind of dispute. It’s not even a percentage. It’s as much of a guarantee as it is that the sun will rise tomorrow. And as men we can all understand that the sun rises because it’s actually a star that our planet rotates around, therefore it is guaranteed to rise. We are able to remove ourselves from our personal point of view and understand that the sun isn’t rising at all. It’s actually us who are spinning around the sun. Women don’t even fucking know that.


Men Are Better Than Women


  1. perhaps because we grow up in a culture of fear and are taught that men are stronger...

  2. Jane: I don't think there's any reason to take the quote seriously. If you read the whole article... Well, I chose to take it as a comedic send-up of "men are better than women" attitudes.

    I hope no one actually thinks this way. Sorry if that was unclear.