Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Skating By

Saturday was the Atomic Swing Team outing: ice skating at Anaheim Ice. I made sure P could come along as well, which was kind of the deciding factor for going. The pizza was a little sad, but had a nice chew to the crust. The skating... Well, I hadn't been since I was four-ish, when my father was attending Rochester Institute of Technology. So about 30 years ago. I briefly toyed with in-line skating back in the early 90's but spent less than an hour on skates. My feet were too wide for my skates and would quickly cramped up.

But all that aside, it came back to me quickly. The skates fit fine, if without enough arch support. I still don't know how to cross-over, but I was balancing on one foot fairly easily.

(Joy and I are too cool for school)

I only fell once, literally on the last lap before finishing up.

I think I'm done. Oh, the exit's too crowded. One more lap. Ouch!

Fun times! But my butt was sore the next day. Lots of near falls that I'll pretend didn't happen.

(Lindy Hoppers under glass, waiting for the Zamboni to finish)

(everyone, post cake and cocoa)

Funny conversation with Jeremiah.

Someone: Why didn't you get that girl's number at Lindy Christmas?
J: I'm young. I have plenty of time.
Me: Don't worry, I got her number and you can have it. [ducks right cross from P]
J: What?
Me: Why are you surprised?
J: Shut up.
Me: She had a teal top on and was from San Diego, right?
J: Er... Yeah...
Me: And her name was....
J: Yeah.
Me: Yeah, don't worry, I got her number for you.
J: Shut up.
Me: I'm just kidding.
J: I know you are, but I'm freaked out that you know who we were talking about from five seconds of conversation.
Me: Wasn't I the one who told you to dance with her?
J: Maybe. She had great connection, didn't she?
Me: Yeah, she did!
Later on:

Me: This was the girl you were talking about, right?

J: No, this is the one:

Milk came out of my nose!

The woman in the second picture was taking the OC Swing intermediate Thursday series when I first started the beginner classes last February. She's really nice, and Jeremiah is really mean.


  1. i don't know why you ducked my right cross. you should really learn to take it like a man...

  2. :)

    are you sure you don't need to do some push-ups to reassert your manliness?

    i'm glad i could go saturday. it had been years since i'd ice skated (though not 30). i can't believe i could ever do that cross-over thing. it was harder than i remembered...

  3. I was doing one-armed push-ups while writing my comment. :-)