Thursday, December 13, 2007


I've been dating P for just over 2 months now. There are different stages of comfort to a relationship that I anticipated: First time we held hands. First time we burped in front of each other. First time we sat in the same room working separately.

But last night was the first time she hit me. On the arm. Hard. Really hard. There's no bruise, but it's still tender.

Admittedly, she was following a "Hit him for me," order from MichelleM. But it still hurt. She's got practice punching her older brothers, and I don't remember ever having to take a punch from my younger sister.

P: Would a kiss make it up to you?
Me: No!
P: So what would?
Me: How about grabbing my butt in front of the hot 20-year-olds?
P: Outside, after we leave?
Me: No. Inside, when they're watching.
P: [doubtful] Sure...
Me: I'm serious. And I'll have to think about how to react. Maybe I'll jump, squawk, and yell 'Did you just grab my butt?'
MichelleM: At least you know now not to mess with me. I'll hurt you!


  1. my brother just older than me always did tell me it hurt when i hit. what can i say? being quieter than my siblings and smaller than my brothers created the need to defend myself...

    and you forgot to include my response to you squawking about my hypothetical butt-grabbing: "sure did. come back here and i'll do it again."

  2. Thanks to all my readers who have sent me links. This list of warning signs was most helpful.

    But I really don't think I'm in danger. I hope. *ducks*

  3. She hits harder than she do my brothers who hit girls...okay, sisters, but we're still girls. I don't hit and have never raised a hand to my husband. Not all girls in my fam are so heavy handed!

  4. zeeny: Someone I know tells a different story. Something about you pinching so hard that one of your hands is actually larger than the other like a fiddler crab. I'm just saying what I heard.

  5. that does give a whole new meaning to "heavy handed," doesn't it.

    and maybe, just maybe, i wouldn't be tempted to actually do as MichelleM requests if you didn't give me reasons to be jealous, huh? all this talk of hot 20-year-olds and butt-grabbing...

  6. P: Now you're trying to make it sound like I'm grabbing the butts of 20-year-olds. No one's falling for that.