Friday, March 7, 2008

24 Hours for Hope

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to be participating in the 24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-Thon, an event that's raising money for the City of Hope. I can't honestly call myself a crusader, but I lost both of my grandmothers to cancer. I'm sure we've all been touched in some way by it. And I can help raise money by dancing?!

I'm embarrassed that it took me as long as it did to sign up.

The great news is that it's at a terrific venue, the 24 Hour Fitness Ultra-Sport in Irvine. We'll have full access to the locker-rooms, showers, jacuzzi, etc. I just realized I have some serious packing to do. Protein bars, water, mattress pad, sleeping bag, pillow, swim trunks, Icy Hot, etc. Yikes. And that's after dancing all night Friday.

It's going to be a long, fun weekend!

Oh, and I'm not one to beg for money, but it's all going to an amazing cause, so I'd certainly appreciate it if you could pitch in and sponsor me, even for $5 or $10. I believe $50 gets you a visitor's pass to the event to watch. Donate from my page, and I'll throw in 45 minutes of lessons from me for you and a partner for every $20.

And if nothing else, leave me your best survival wishes as a comment! Someone from our 28-person team will be dancing the entire 24 hours. Yikes!!!

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