Wednesday, March 12, 2008


A couple weekends ago, my brother and I hung out for a Saturday evening. So much fun. We saw Rambo (tremendously bloody, mindless fun), and hit the Yardhouse afterwards. I stole a couple sips of what he ordered, but didn't drink otherwise.

When he ordered, we ended up talking to two women who were hanging out at the bar on a "girls' night out." I got to play the role of wingman: charming, funny, but ultimately a support role for the bro. Especially important to engage the "other" girl in conversation. I'm really bad at it.

I'm not sure why a pretty investment banker is an "anchor." Except that it rhymes. When watching this commercial again, I realized what I did wrong. I didn't buy her a beer. And I left my brother alone so I could sleep.

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