Thursday, March 6, 2008

Madwoman Came A-Dancin'

That's not a song title. Madwoman out of the Attic joined P and I for dancing at Atomic Ballroom this past Tuesday night. I came late and saw her in the class she was taking, moving as if she'd done it before. Oddly, she was doing a coaster step like a Westie. Turns out, she'd taken West Coast Swing classes before.

P and I joined the level 1 class with roles reversed (I followed and she led). That's really fun. I'm impressed that she has the courage to do it. When will we dance a song where she leads and I follow? :-)

Darren's class is a blizzard of content: 12 moves! Maybe I'm improving, but I manage to get everything.

Quick dinner at In-n-Out (no healthy options there...) with Tim and Chrissy, then back to dance.

Madwoman does really well, and we spend quite a bit of time on her swing-out. She tries to break her coaster-step habit, then works on footwork during social dancing, then 6 to 8 count transitions. Probably a bit overwhelming, but she does great, even getting asked to dance by other guys.

My swivels rock.

P is feeling sick, so leaves not too long after Madwoman.

I stay 'til closing time, 12:20 AM or so. First time in a while. A great night. Hopefully we hook Madwoman. Mr. Madwoman better get on his game and make the trip to Atomic or he might not see his wife on Tuesday and Friday nights!


  1. That's awesome! If you win Mr. Madwoman to ballroom, maybe there will be a hope for my other half.....

    Keep me on your invite list for Atomic events. March and April are my no-play-all-work months, but I really will make it one of these days. :-) I never responded no to the evite because I kept thinking maybe work will slow down and I can go. Alas, I had no such luck...

  2. journeygal: There's always a reason -not- to come! You're welcome any time, of course.

  3. i think i've just been challenged. :) one of these days i'll surprise you by stealing the lead.

    and a blizzard of content is right! i'm surprised i kept up as well as i did. i think i could even follow several of those on the social dance floor.

    tons of fun having madwoman there--i hope she comes again. and journeygal i hope you can come sometime, too.