Monday, July 23, 2007


Chatting with D, at Atomic on Friday night.
A boy asked me to dinner. It's the first time that's happened!

Yikes. Ever? Really?

Yeah, really. I've asked guys out, but never the other way around. Part of me is excited because [jumping clapping] a boy likes me!

Too funny! Dating is a good way to figure out what kind of people and relationships you're looking for. If you manage not to get bogged down in any single person.

Yeah, I guess so.

Maybe we should talk about it over dinner.



I was sensitive and encouraging, though. But every other sentence from that point on out of my mouth was, "And after that, do you want to get some dinner?"

Ok, that's not that sensitive. But it was hilarious. Trust me. Ok, maybe I'm the only one who thought so. But not even I thought so after she told me I made the joke in front of the guy who asked her.

Who am I kidding, I still think it's hilarious!


  1. LOL. That is funny!

    BTW, I have obviously not made it to the Atomic yet, but I really am going to someday....we went to an outdoor concert on Saturday where people were dancing and I was once again reminded how much fun it looks!

    I suppose by then you will have become good enough to quit the day-job and dance life away, right? ;-)

  2. Ha! I wonder whether turning a hobby into a job is such a good idea? I can take a break from a hobby...

    Don't worry, I might have started dancing 20 years too late to ever become a pro dancer.