Friday, July 6, 2007

Live Free And Glom On

I meet up with Ryan in the late afternoon for a meal at Blue Agave. Too much food. We're too late to get good seat for Knocked Up at the Brea Edwards, so we see Live Free or Die Hard. Enjoyable, but I popped out of my suspension of disbelief at the amount of damage Bruce Willis's character takes. And some stunts were just not believable.

I'm looking for dessert, so we check out The Yardhouse. It has cool decor, cool music (just too loud), and cool drinks. But somehow, the combination makes me hate everything about the place. We get seated, but I run into a gal that I've ridden with (and have a tiny crush on), so we move to her table with her friends. I'm introduced to my crushes girlfriend. Did I see that coming? I actually did. They're a cool group, and I'm shameless about glomming on to a group of people who haven't heard my jokes. Wait, that's why I hate The Yardhouse. I can't make it on good looks, so I rely on my humor. And if the music's too loud to hear my jokes...

Damn you Yardhouse!

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