Thursday, July 26, 2007

Musical Ex-Girlfriends

RyanH pointed me at The Shit Parade Show podcast.

We're Joel Church-Cooper, Erin Gibson, and Blake Walker, three twenty something Los Angeles comedy professionals, along with special guests, telling stories about how we've been shaped and influenced by music. We've packaged it into a neat little podcast named The Shit Parade Show (podcast).

The first episode is a pretty interesting topic: Musical Ex-Girlfriends.

Bands who you were once involved with, you loved them, you loved their music, and then over time, you fell out of love with them. And now they're still out there, existing in the world, doing they're own thing, and sometimes you hear them or run into them and you know that your lives have taken different paths. And you wonder, now that you don't like them as much, "Was it me? Was it who I was at the time? Or were they actually good and worth it?"

This is an easy one for me: Depeche Mode and Erasure. Same Euro-electronica genre, but completely opposite tones. I can listen to the stuff I was into and quickly re-connect with it, but I find it difficult to listen to entire songs. Well, except for singles off DM's Black Celebration album.

Hilarious comparisons of ex-favorite bands to ex-girlfriends on the podcast.

So who are your musical ex's?

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