Friday, July 6, 2007

Cool With The Kids, Rats In The Kitchen

I'm supposed to shadow Betsy today to learn how to open/close the Meetinghouse, but am about 20 minutes late. Oops. I get the gist, and make some notes on the quirky things. I actually thought I was just learning how to open, but no, closing too. As part of opening, I find out that the A/C isn't working in the main meeting room. Yikes. I make the decision to hang out with the kids, as their room is cool. Spend some quality time chatting with Sonia and Kathy.

Off to meet up with the Remys to see Ratatouille. I really enjoy the movie, as they clearly payed attention to the writing as well as the animation. The only part that lags is the conflict between the rat's advice and the love-interest's advice. A bit contrived. Very much a plot device.

Back to the Remy pad for a Remy meal. John Remy, that is. Then I realize I have to leave to dance at Atomic. Next time!

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