Friday, November 30, 2007


I could feel a cold coming on from Tuesday night. Fortunately, I'd frozen the wings from my Thanksgiving turkey, so I was able to work the cure.

Wings into the stock pot covered with water at a low simmer for 8 hours. Added carrot as that's all I have, veg-wise.

Removed wings, separated meat (little flavor, but good for protein), added some chicken stock to the pot, brought to simmer again, added noodles, added turkey back in. Lunch.


  1. I wonder if you caught mine. If so, many apologies, my friend.

  2. Very possible. That's the last time we meet up, talk spirituality, and make out. Oops! :-)

  3. I guess I need to read these blogs more often...

    Let me just say that I hope I didn't catch mine from you.

  4. Very possible. That's the last time me meet up... Wait a minute...