Sunday, April 27, 2008


I don't want to call them out, but it's necessary.

Mormon friends who have come swing dancing, since I invited them:

Ex-Mormon, Quaker, college friends, and siblings who have come:

That's right, I've had journeygal, madwoman, and P join me at Atomic. madwoman stayed and social danced for hours and hours too. journeygal says she'll be back for that part. P has totally gone off the deep end with swing dancing.

That's just math.


  1. btw, journeygal qualifies as exmo.

    I don't want to call anyone out, but...

    Quaker friends who all but vanished from our lives when they started swing dancing: 1.


    On a serious (guilt-induced) note, I love, love, love dancing, and I think this is what makes me hesitant to go out there. After seeing you and Dora and P get enticed into the scene, I'm scared of it. Unless you can convince me that I can have no-commitment, one night stands with swing dancing, I may wait until I get grad school out of the way. *sigh*

    Plus, we need to get Jana out on the dance floor.

  2. P.S. Keep the invites coming! I've only seen two so far...have there been more?

  3. Jana would be quite happy to just be walking again. Dancing seems a lofty and unnecessarily impossible goal right now.

  4. JohnR, I'll confirm that you really can have a one-night stand with swing dancing - I went for just two 45 minute classes and had a blast!

    I plan to be back this weekend.....need to get the May schedule.....

  5. There hasn't been a cheap/free lesson night for a while. But I do have a couple free lessons in the bank that I can give you if that's all it's going to take to get you out... This Tuesday? Or Friday? :-)