Saturday, April 19, 2008


P and I fought about my views of the Mormon faith last week. Needless to say, I emerged victorious and with one guilt trip in the bank (which I might be cashing in right now, unfortunately).

Here's the condensed version:

P: I don't want you to have twisted views of LDS because of one Ward's weird dress code enforcement.
Me: I don't. I have twisted views of LDS because of the way blacks were treated and the way women ARE treated.
P: I'm picking this fight because I have a problem with that too. Which I have problems resolving.
Me: I know that.

Except it took over an hour.

And I distinctly remember thinking, "How can I make sure this isn't the beginning of the end?"


  1. when you put it that way, it underscores how ridiculous it was that it took over an hour to actually get to the real problem. a problem that being with you helps me with more than i realized it would.

    and i was thinking that i refused to let this be the beginning of the end. i'm glad i wasn't the only one. :)

  2. my friends...thanks for sharing this little window into how you're navigating your interfaith relationship.

    Wishing you the best of luck... :)

    (and wishing I could somehow make it all better for you)

  3. thank you, jana. you know, the thing is that even when we've had difficult conversations about this, i have always felt such trust in john and such peace in the relationship, that i've been able to rely on those feelings to carry me through the difficult moments. maybe rather than calling it ridiculous that it took so long to get to the heart of the problem that night, i should be glad that it took so little time. and that, ultimately, the experience reinforced the trust and peace rather than undermining it.

  4. you guys--hope you don't mind, but I've been sorta following your relationship too. And I'm even more fascinated since I read amelia's post at exponentblog. I know interfaith issues are hard, but just to put it into perspective, ALL couples do this. Example:

    Me: I'm tired and grouchy and want attention.

    DH: I'm working on something else right now.

    Repeat for 2 hours, using louder and louder voices.


    Go to bed.

    Wake up in the morning and realize you both overreacted a tiny bit.

    So yeah.

  5. BiV: It's probably more like all -people- do this, couples, siblings, friends, etc.

    We did eventually resolve things by mutually figuring out that I was right.