Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fullerton Market

Met up with a group of friends at the Fullerton Market. It's the third week that P and I have gone (well, every week it's been open in 2008). Week 1, I discovered the joys of roasted corn on the cobb. I had butter and garlic salt. P had butter and garlic pepper salt, which was the clear winner. I declared that I might not be able to eat corn any other way, and I stand by that. Week 2, I was responsible for buying the corn while P waited for MC to join us. And I over seasoned. Whoops. This week, the line was too long and we never bought it.

P and I made our own version between week 1 and 2, which was awesome. Soak unhusked, unsilked corn in water for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 400. Roast corn directly on racks in husks for about 15 minutes. Remove husk then butter. Grind pepper into garlic salt. Season to taste. Yummy.

This week we ate at Rutabagorz. P, myself, AM, and THREE Sarah's. Yes, all with-an-H. I pre-screen my Sarah's. I caved and said, "Sarah, I have a question." Then laughed and laughed. I was the only one. P was later designated an "honorary Sarah."


  1. Mmmm, we love grilling corn - in the husk like you said - on the BBQ. We just have a tiny outdoor grill but it's big enough for 4 cobs (I think you shouldn't put them too close together, but I don't know why.....)

  2. Yeah, the oven method is actually and adaptation of the grill method. Grilling adds a smokiness which the oven can't replicate. But the oven is still damn good.

    But I'm still thinking about getting one of those cool propane mini-grills.