Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bastanchury, Fairmont, Casino Ridge


11am is when Inspiration Weekend starts, so I wanted to ride early enough to still make it. After riding the Bastanchury - State College hill last week, I'd wanted to ride Bastanchury from the Malvern end (Fullerton) to the Village Center Road end (Yorba Linda). So today I did it.

The Bastanchury grade is slight but constant, then elevates a bit more to Harbor. Quick descent, then climbs again up to Brea Blvd. Then a 9-11% grade up to State College. Tougher than the climb from Associated, it seems. For the future, a multi-loop ride that climbs from each of the four directions?

As I got close to the Yorba Linda end, I realized that I could just return, or I could add in the Fairmont climb, ride down San Antonio to Casino Ridge Road, and do that climb. So I did. Fairmont was tougher than I remembered the San Antonio climb being. I took a breather on the partial descent down San Antonio, then climbed up Casino Ridge Road. That climb was a monster!!! I thought I'd done it last week, but no, I'd done somewhere between a quarter and a third of it. And even that part had a brief 14% grade. The latter section, after a brief flat, climbed at between 14 and 20%!!! I was in my easiest gear, climbing at a crawl, but made it to the top, took a brief break, then descended. 3/4 of a mile took 8 minutes, climbed around 400 feet. Yikes! I'll have to go back and do it again.

The rest of the ride was pretty sedate. Descended the rest of San Antonio, rode Yorba Linda Blvd to Imperial, and Imperial back to my place in Brea. Just hit 30 miles according to the GPS.


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