Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Interesting evening: Blind date with a friend's mother's friend (yes, I wore my new jeans). In trying to set things up, I came up against the limitations of email. It' s just too easy to set aside and not act on it. Finally got things set up during a 5 minute phone call.

Every piece of dating advice out there now states that first dates should be casual affairs in an atmosphere which promote discussion. "Dinner and a movie" is deprecated, coffee with optional snack is the standard first date.

Well, that all goes out the window when one schedules a first date right after a late work day. 7pm rolls around and John's gotta eat! Interesting chat over coffee/tea, followed by dinner at Corner Bakery. Not bad for a chain. Butternut squash soup was really tasty. Chicken Pomodori Pannini wasn't bad either: "Sliced chicken breast, fresh basil and spinach, oven roasted tomatoes, and provolone cheese with pesto mayonnaise on grilled sourdough country bread." Creepily, we ordered separately but got the exact same thing.

Chatted about jobs, Excel, regression analysis, and dance (she told me a bit about jazz and ballet, I gushed about swing). She's added herself to the list of people who told me they'd like to come along to swing dance "some day." Well, she actually said next week, so that's a possibility.

All in all, a fun first date.


  1. I bet my name is on that list like six times or so....

  2. This sounds promising. Now it's time to dust off the old Dungeons&Dragons character sheets for some real impression building. Maybe even some ancient, but valuable Car Wars game sets? ;-P

  3. That came up. She's running two campaign's right now, Gurps (?) Space and a D&D campaign based an a Gurps world-book. No wait, she runs the space one, and adventures in the other. Or maybe I have that backwards. No, I totally made all that up! She didn't seem the type.