Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday Classes

I make it over for Shadow Charleston. Chase entry, basic, turn, push-out, chase, back to tandem, push-out exit.

Move of the week is a fake swing-out where we put our right hand on the follow's shoulder on 3-4 to add a turn, catch the follow's right elbow and sink forward on 5-6, lead a double turn on 7-8, exit into a drag.

Rock-step, cross, step and step (x2)
swing-out going under the follow's hand on 5-6, rotating to the left, and going back into closed.
swing-out with outside free-spin, leads following back-into closed
swing-out with apache (stay in handshake, turning away from the follow. 7&8 footwork is right-right-left)
Shorty-George starting on 1
4-count outside spin + 4-count inside spin
rock-step turn into a drag
pop-up into closed

Nice little routine. I'm getting more comfortable with doing the basic drag, but I still have a ways to go with them.

Shag & Balboa
A little unstructured. We cover basic steps, basic styling. Some basic shag with tiny styling again. Back bal where we cover the super saturday night spike-out special: Spike-out with outside turn. Pick-up with inside turn, then Apache spike-out!

Routines Class
We cover the Shim-Sham, which we need for the Swing 2 team. I think with three choreography classes a week during the moth, we can get it done (by ourselves).

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