Friday, September 14, 2007


Watched a television show where one character goes on a tirade about people saying "LOL" in person (Californication in case you care).

I admit to having the same peeve. Well, if I was ever faced with this in real life, which hasn't actually happened. LOL is chat/text shorthand for "Laughing Out Loud" which indicates to someone over text chat that you're laughing.

Why would someone say "LOL" instead of just laughing? If you say LOL, you're not actually laughing. If one was to say "LOL" the actual emotion expressed would be more along the lines of "Hey, that was funny," which could be shortened to "Ha" or "Heh," both of which are faster than saying "LOL."

Who the F says "LOL" anyway? Is that the TV plot equivalent of a "straw man?" I mean, WTF?

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