Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Inspiration Weekend Day 1 Morning

My morning bike ride finished up around 9am, which should have gotten me done in plenty of time to get to Inspiration Weekend in plenty of time for the 10:30am check-in. 'Twas not to be. I rolled in to the area at 11am, discovered the parking structure was completely full, and parked down by the train station. The line for registration at the Imperial Ballroom makes me even later. Oh well.

11am Relax your Lindy Hop (Technique) Andy and Nina

I'm clearly late, but the content is interesting. Andy says to open up the right shoulder on 7-8 of the swing-out. He also says not to drop the right shoulder. Then, we focus on the main content, leaving the follow out on 7-8, 1-2. Very cool. We have to then travel in on 3-and-4. Everything else builds on this idea, which is very much an intermediate to advanced level concept of a swing-out.

12pm Evolution Revolution (Evolution of Lindy Hop) Sean and Tonya

The instructors take us through how partner front Charleston evolved over time to breakaways, and eventually turns into Lindy. Awkward, but an interesting perspective on how Lindy came about. Not really socially usable.

Lunch at Heroes. Too much food.

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