Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who The F Is That?

I spent money yesterday on jeans with a washed look:

Never thought that would happen. Never thought I'd spend more than $20 on jeans, either.

And I bought fragrance on the way out. Who the F was that guy inhabiting my body?


  1. Jana asks:
    "Who is the man inhabiting your body dating?"

  2. Oh, that's embarrassing. Potential blind date at lunch today. I hadn't managed to put that together on my own.

  3. I completely agree with Caroline. The pants were great.

  4. Wait, are you guys making fun of me, or being serious?!

  5. None can deny the awesome power THE PANTS!!

  6. Hey, I totally noticed your jeans last night!

    I found myself staring at their stone-washed glory and thinking to myself "Ryan needs to get a pair of jeans like that....."

    Those jeans and the new fragrance are sure to provide many, many lunch dates. With women who prefer washed-look jeans that cost more than $20 and nice cologne. :-)