Sunday, October 21, 2007

Boring Nostalgia Weeks

A swing team member was recently in a regional production of Grease, which dredged up some memories of the movie for me. In the late 1970's, my family was living in married student housing in Riverknoll apartment complex at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Not long after we moved in, the neighbors moved out, and in moved a family with two kids named Chris and Chad Boring. I never saw Grease. To this day, I haven't seen it. But I can identify when it came out by when the Boring kids lived next door to me and Chad would run around, yelling, "Tommy Moore, Tommy Moore, Tommy More!"

I always assumed there was a character in Grease named Tommy Moore.

At the other end of our townhouse building was my best friend, Rachel Weeks. I have a vivid memory of walking to the school bus stop on our first day of kindergarten, doing yoga for kids, and all kinds of other crunchy, granola activities that our 70's influenced mothers thought up. Rachel's mother made her own Playdough, for example. My first exposure to a Magic Eight Ball. Rachel singing the lyrics to Air Supply's "The One That You Love" to me. Us looking at magazines with the four members of KISS on the cover and thinking it was a sequential makeup job, not four different people, trying to figure out what order the pictures should go in. Recently we reconnected via email and now ... facebook, and she posted a picture of her with her two kids.

She wanted me to make sure I emphasized that they had green noses because of their St. Patty's day celebration, not just randomly. :-)

Our family moved away from the area in the middle of third grade and we only saw each other once after that. Yet, she's totally recognizable as the girl I remember. Well, she also looks like her mother. Yikes, we must be as old as our mothers were at the time. And her oldest is pushing the age that we were when we met...

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