Friday, October 12, 2007

A Good Metaphor

It seems easy to make onion dip: add a packet of onion soup mix to a pint of sour cream. However, there's a few things you need to remember about onion dip:

1) Homogeneous is bad.
A friend told me he uses his "Magic Bullet" mini blender [1] to do the mixing fast. Resist the urge to over-use technology and mix with a whisk or even better, a spatula. Part of the joy of onion dip is coming across the bits of the mix that didn't get broken up, resulting in a tiny pocket of explosive flavor.

2) Give it time.
It seems like you could just mix it up and start dipping, but you'd be wrong. The onion bits need time to re-hydrate. The dried mix needs to diffuse into the sour cream. Extra time leads to extra yumminess.

3) Master the basics before you get fancy.
It might be tempting to spend 30 minutes caramelizing onions from scratch, but maybe you should get it right with the packet first.

I think you can make that a good metaphor for pretty much anything. Relationships, sex, career, friendships, life, and yes, onion dip.

[1] For the purposes of this metaphor, let's pretend I have a friend with a Magic Bullet min-blender. Furthermore, let's pretend this friend and I have discussions about making onion dip.

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