Friday, October 12, 2007


Viet-Thai dinner at Bamboo Bistro.

Started out splitting the Roasted Pork Spring roll, which was actually a Vietnamese gỏi cuốn (not fried, rice-paper wrap). The dipping sauce was wonderful, as was the mix of flavors in the roll. The pork itself was unremarkable, though.

Yellow curry (chicken) had great flavor, but seemed to have chicken breast, which somehow dried out in the curry. Still great. Tiny bits of potato were a cool texture contrast.

Prawns in Tamarind sauce
Again, the sauce was excellent, but the "prawns" were over-cooked.

Dessert was the banana/coconut/Nutella crepe. All the flavors in this dish were muted, and not in a good way. The banana wasn't ripe enough to have a very strong banana flavor, there wasn't much Nutella to add anything, the coconut flakes weren't toasted to bring out their flavor, and there was some kind of sweet red sauce on the plate that we couldn't identify. Crepe itself was cooked crispy, which was an interesting choice, but made it tough to eat.

Fortunately, the conversation was gripping enough to save the evening. I did manage to tell my onion dip metaphor, and transcribe it before falling asleep. I decided to miss Simmons practice (more on that, later) to continue the evening at Kean. Mexican-style hot chocolate, which I found a bit on the sweet side. They must use something more than just cinnamon, or some special cinnamon. Overall yummy. Didn't get to people watch the way I did last time with EVH. More conversation: online personalities, emoticons, argumentation.

The Kean people kick us out, and we take a extremely roundabout route on the return (73 North?! Oops). Then lots more chatting.

What a fun night out! And without swing dancing. Who knew that was possible? :-)

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