Monday, October 8, 2007


In the middle of a long day of dancing. Dinner plans with EVH turned into drink and dessert plans since we had both eaten late.

Symposium Wine Bar was a very cool destination. EVH thought it might be pretentious and crowded, but it seemed to be neither that night. We grabbed a two-top in the back, with EVH on the banquette and me in the comfy chair. Instead of drinking a lot of wine, we split a tasting of three Cabernet's. One was just OK, but two were amazing. The 2004 Cloverdale Ranch (Alexander Valley) was strongly flavored, complex, and long-lasting, my favorite of the three. The 2002 Rocking Horse (Rutherford) was a very close second, maybe not quite as bold, but just as complex and lingering. I don't have the wine-snob skills to describe the flavor, just the sensations. It's amazing how with good wine, I'll get different sensations from smelling, sipping, swallowing, and even sucking in air with the wine in my mouth.

Also split the chocolate cake thing. So good, and so impossible for me to describe.

After heading back, we chatted about relationships, then called it a night. Well, to be honest, I headed back to Atomic for the first Saturday swing dance. Though making the registration time for the Jack and Jill contests might be a problem.

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