Monday, October 1, 2007

New Material

At Atomic Ballroom's Saturday night dance:

Me: So I'm sorry but I don't remember your name.
A: That's OK, I've been in Europe all summer, it's A.
Me: And I'm John.
A: That's right! I remember because my boyfriend's name is John.
Me (internal): Is she giving me the 'I have a boyfriend?'
A: I remember I told you that and you called me on it.
Me: Wait, what?
A: You said, "Did you just give me the 'I have a boyfriend?'" I wasn't, but that's what you said.
Me: That's right, I did. And the same thing just went through my head.
Me (internal): I need new material.
A: I think you need new material.
Me: OK, stop reading my mind.

Well, OK, she actually said that she was dating someone at the time named John. Wait, did she just give me the I'm-not-dating-anyone-right-now?!

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