Saturday, March 17, 2007

Advanced Beginner

I'm having a crisis about how to proceed with learning swing. My status so far:

  • I'm solid in my East Coast, Charleston, and Lindy Swing Out Basics
  • I have trouble with 8-count footwork in real-life dances
  • I have trouble with both 6 and 8 count footwork at 138 bpm and faster
  • I lack a wide-range of moves to use during social dance
  • I lack the confidence to "dance up" with more skilled partners
Potential ways to proceed include taking the OC Swing Intermediate series on Sunday afternoon and Monday evenings, taking more Level 1 classes at Atomic Ballroom, joining a dance team at AB, taking some private lessons, or maybe finding someone in a similar situation who wants to do some one on one work. Posted to the socal swing forum to ask for advice.

The simple choice, the Atomic AB dance team has a first meeting this morning, so doing that seems like a decent way to proceed. Jerry admitted that the team environment is one in which he pushes the pace, which sounds like what I need. When I chatted with him about it last night, he stated that joining the team would increase anyone's dance level very quickly. That sounds promising, and it's plainly the time commitment, not an extra cost for now. The $100 unlimited lesson benefit isn't a value unless they're consistently running level 1 classes for me, or I make the jump to level 2. I wonder if they recognize that as an issue.

I'm still thinking about taking the OC Swing Intermediate and Charleston Kicks for Lindy series on Sunday. And maybe doing the Intermediate on Monday as well. That's another $150 on lessons. And perhaps well spent. I just don't know.

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