Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cable By Thursday

GEF has a cable modem, but no cable service.

And on Thursday, This American Life has it's pilot episode on Showtime.

So I asked him, "Can you get cable by Thursday?"

No response yet.

Here's the sneak peek from Slate:


  1. ok. i love (and i mean love) this american life. but after watching that, i'm not sold that it's going to be any better on tv than on the radio. the visuals seem beside the point.

    but i'm still made it's on showtime. cause that means i can't see a whole episode to make a more informed decision about whether or not the visuals add something.

    and i just have to say, that if it disappears altogether from public radio, i'm going to be one very sad camper.

  2. I think this particular segment is just an animation done over the radio segment. So yes, it's tough to judge the whole show. Hmmm... Perhaps a viewing party is in order.