Thursday, March 29, 2007

Strict Rotation

Dear Self,

What exactly is it that you hope to accomplish by making sure that the newly cleaned and dried dishes are put away beneath their peers in the cupboard? Does it important to spread out the wear and tear over your $0.50 IKEA collection? The same collection that you had to talk yourself into moving instead of throwing away and re-buying during the trek to the current apartment? You're wasting valuable time that could be spent doing productive things.

Thanks, and have a good week.


P.S. I heartily approve of your forks and spoons rotation. I mean, that just makes sense.


  1. Me, I never stack underneath. The clean stuff either lives in the dish drainer or goes on top. So those bottom dishes only see action when we have friends over or when the dishes pile pretty high in the sink.

  2. Hmmm... dish drainer. I think I have note to myself about washing dishes around here somewhere...