Friday, March 16, 2007

Transitions Part 3

7:30pm OC Swing

Shesha gives us a pretty interesting final class in this four-week series. He emphasizes that dance is about having fun and connection, not memorizing step structure. We do an exercise which he calls "winding up," which involves getting into closed position and leading a back to front weight shift (right to left foot for leads, count 1-2), a shift to the back foot (3-4), front again (5-6), then back again (7-8), then rock-stepping. It establishes a good lead, and gets the partners on the same page. Leads can go from the rock-step directly into an 8-count circle staying closed. Shesha encourages us to not do centering moves like the basic, but go directly to the next move we had in mind. For example:
8 count circle closed instead of a 6-count basic
Tuck-Turn immediately instead of a 6-count basic
Walk Through
Circle Closed instead of ease to closed
Charleston instead of 6-count basic

Shesha specifically tells me to work on doing the 8-count circle closed instead of ease to closed. I really like this idea.

Shesha and Adrienne (have I ever mentioned her as the co-instructor?) show us another simple move, which is a progressive series of kicks towards and away from our partners. Cool to hang out with the kick during a pause in the music. Pausing during pauses in the music probably isn't the biggest deal, but is something to keep in mind.

It's tough to practice Lindy when the follows don't know it that well, so I don't get to practice my Lindy turns.

Having just had a right-hand hold observation from Jenny, I notice that Shesha's hold tends to be across the lower-back. I'll try to remember to ask about that tomorrow at Atomic Ballroom.

It's been a very interesting series, but different from the final class of the 6-week Sunday series, as there's been less emphasis on the choreographed series.

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