Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wake Up In The Late Afternoon

It was far from a lazy Sunday.

Scheduled an after-Meeting bike ride with EVH; Meeting is halfway to Irvine, I want to bring my bike, but don't want to leave it out on the rack, so I packed it in the trunk the night before. Realized that I'd be heading to dance class after the ride without a trip back home, so I wore my dance clothing (nothing specific to dance, just stuff made from micro-fiber) to Meeting, packed my ride clothing and gear, some stuff to wash up with, and my dancing shoes. Yes, specific shoes to dance in. This isn't a post about my dance gear.

Little tardy to even the 15-minute late entry to Meeting, but oh well. Didn't see EVH. Saw the Remys and SS, but no catbonny or Animaumbrae either. KQ had already bowed out of lunch, if I remember correctly. Silent worship was very nice, but the announcements went on and on. The current downside to attending. Talking meeting next week regarding finances and fund-raising. I'll definitely stay for that. EVH calls to tell me her morning ran too late to make Meeting or lunch after, but is still up for a bike ride. Oh good, I'd hate to be late to Meeting prepping for a ride that didn't happen. Heck, I would have scouted a river-ride from Santa Ana, I think.

The Young-ish attenders decide to forgo lunch this week in favor of a time when more people attend. SS and I decide to get coffee and chat anyway. Gypsy Den staff doesn't give us service in the 10 minutes we're seated, so we leave and check out Memphis, just next door. We're seated and have water (SS's with lots of lemon, mine with moderate quantities of lemon) within 90 seconds. SS wants to write a letter to the Gypsy Den management. I think I'll do that too. I hear about her family and ethnic history, and a bit about her courtship. Getting to be better friends with people is always an incremental process. I tried to share my thoughts without imposing my mind-state on things. We agree that I'll join her for a ride some weekend.

Made it to EVH's place, changed into ride gear, and we set out on a tour of the back-bay. I managed to drop my bike computer early in the ride , but saw it fall and managed to recover it after a bit of searching. Whew!

We did 15 miles in 1:50 including some stops for the aformentioned search as well as a water break. Riding up one of the rolling hills (after the brief stretch on PCH when doing the back-bay "clock-wise"), I wondered how well I'd do on big hill up to the local high-school. I'm going to have to try that soon. Saturday morning, maybe? Some time when the students aren't driving up or down. EVH offers the use of her shower, so my plan to go to 24H Fitness isn't enacted. Chat briefly with her fellow TA who drops by; Nice guy, but I don't remember his name. EVH says he "Knows everybody." I give them the "connector" spiel from The Tipping Point.

Push off to make dance class.

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