Friday, March 2, 2007

Look At Those Peppers!

I don't have a filthy mouth, but I've been know to drop an F-bomb for emphasis in moments of high emotion. And I'm definitely more blue with some people than others. But more and more, I find myself saying, "F this, F that." Like saying the actual letter. Is that actually any better? I don't think it is, but somehow it's more socially acceptable. Hmmm... Maybe it isn't.

I think that lots of profanity makes something funny, but I don't mind my humor profane. The best comics use swearing as emphasis or punctuation, not as their actual punchlines. That being said, I still broke out in peals of laughter over this produce photo. Maybe it was the dissonance of seeing these words and these images together.

Might not be safe for work (text profanity):

Look at these F'ing Peppers!

Original pointer from CH.

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