Sunday, March 4, 2007


It's embarrassing to admit this, but my apartment is a mess. A disaster. Enough of one that I hesitate to have people over. And the only way to motivate myself to clean up is to have people over! So when the opportunity to invite a gal over on Saturday presented itself, I had mixed emotions: strong desire to see her, realization that I need to pick my place up, and a weak desire to not clean up. Seeing her was the clear winner, and I spend some time in the intervening week picking things up, moving things to the appropriate room, storing things away, and running my Roomba. My one clean room, the bathroom, got a little cluttered for a while as various stuff got relocated there. I realized I still have a completely useless (to me) futon mattress which I borrowed from my mother several months ago. Need to return that.

Did some minor touching up on Saturday morning, stretched out my post-ride lactic acid with some yoga, managed to fit in a shower and shave, and did a little math homework. I got some awesome smells from my Indian neighbors' lunch, which made me re-think my impulse to eat at Renaissance Bistro. When my friend arrived, I realized my yoga mat was still out. Oops.

So yes, if you've visited my place in the last 24 hours, it's a sad fact that the state of my place represented the cleaned up version of how I live.

Lunch at Renaissance was nice, though a bit windy. Soup was the Tomato Florentine, salad was the half portion of the baby organic lettuces with balsamic vinaigrette, and the main was the penne pasta with broccoli and sundried tomatoes. Didn't realize the pasta didn't come with chicken until it arrived. Maybe the grilled chicken panini is the better choice for me. It ended up being too much food for me, and in retrospect I'll skip the soup the next time around. Note sure why that's a surprise, as last time I was there, I had the salad and panini with no soup and still couldn't finish it all (though we did share a dessert). I'm also wondering whether there's a way to eat there which is a bit more friendly to "family-style" sharing of main courses. I was eye-ing the spicy dish the whole time. And her food looked pretty tasty too.


  1. Hey John ~ We're cleaning up next weekend for game night. Ticket To Ride, Settlers of Catan, Taboo, pizza and beer. :-) We'd love to have you - and any lucky lady of your choice - join us. Email me at elsie_14 at hotmail and we'll chat about details!

    And the tomato soup sounds delicious - I say skip the salad next time and stick with the soup!

  2. John, I sympathize with your cleaning plight. I am a big huge horrible disorganized mess. If I didn't have Mike, I'd live in complete filth. As it is, I still make Mike live in a lot of my mess, which makes me feel a lot of guilt. I suspect I may have adult ADD, and keep thinking that if I just get a prescription for Ritalin I'd be neater :)

  3. A pill that would help me keep my living and working spaces clean? That would keep me focused on my work at hand? Now I -hope- I have adult ADD!